Title Loans

Payday Loan -vs- Title Loan:

Sterling Title Loans does not do payday loans but if you own a vehicle of some kind you might consider our loan as an alternative to a Payday Loan.

​Here's why:


A payday loan requires you to pay your loan back in full on your next payday, usually 14 days or less

Payday loans require you provide contact info for your employer, friends & family - they will be called

A payday loan can only advance you a maximum of 50% of your net paycheck

You can get a payday loan in about 30 minutes


Our title loan gives you 60 days to repay your loan with 2 installments, 1 in 30 days and 1 in 60 days

Sterling Title Loans does not need to phone your friends, family or employer to approve your loan

A Sterling title loan can be as much as 50% of the wholesale value of your vehicle

You can get a Sterling title loan in about 30 minutes